Saturday, 26 February 2011

Soil profile: Ultisols from Wajo

Here is the Ultisols profile taken from Wajo (south Sulawesi). Actually that was a natural soil profile, but its showed complete A, B, C horizon of soil.
If the soil is dug up to a certain depth, from vertical cross-section can be seen that the color gradation forming layers (horizons) or so-called soil profile. In the forest land that has been cooked there three important horizon of horizons A, B and C Horizon A or Top Soil is the uppermost layer of soil The most frequent and most easily influenced by climatic factors and biological factors. In this layer most of the organic materials collected and experience decay. B horizon is also called the accumulation zone (illuvation zone). This horizon has a more organic matter a little but more an element of soil leaching than horizon A. Horizon C is a zone of  weathered rock which is part of the parent rock. Agricultural activities are generally located on the horizon A and B.

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