Saturday, 26 February 2011

Typical Bird from Sulawesi

Maleo bird was typical bird that only can found in Sulawesi Island. This bird was only sutable live near the sheasore with warm sandy land or upland with steam water resource. This bird known as faithfull with its spouse.
Maleo bird established nest in open sandy area, near volcano area, and warm area as heat ground resources.The warm condition needed in egg hatch. After hatch period, Maleo chick digg way up from ground to surface area and escape into the grass, bush or forest. Different with another chick with soft feather in its wings, but in Maleo the chick wings most likely with mature bird, so it could make fly, that was caused by nutrition contain in Maleo egg fivefod than other bird egg. Maleo chick should feed itself and avoid the predators like snake, lizard, cat, pig, and eagle.
Maleo bird has scientific name as Macrocephalon maleo with length rate about 60 cm, and its only bird in genus Macrocephalon. Maleo egg weight is about 250 g to 280 g for each, with diameter rate in 12 cm, and five to ninefod than chicken egg. In the recent time Maleo become endangered species, deforestation, shifting cultivation, forest burn, as factors that encourage narrowing Maleo habitat, and also egg pursue by human. The recent population of Maleo population estimated about less than 10.000. The goverment and public effort should taking in order to maintain or increase its population.

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