Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Trace Element in Soil and Plant

Alina Kabata-Pendias, Ph.D., D.Sc., Professor of Soil Chemistry is a head of the Trace Element Laboratory of Institute of Soil Science and Cultivation of Plants in Pulawy, Poland, where she was worked for over 30 years, She is an author of more a hundred publications on the occurrence of trace element in natural and contaminated soil-plant environment.
Henryk Pendias, Ph.D., Associate Professor, is a head of Department of Petrography and mineralogy of Geological Institute in Warsaw, Poland. He has been a member of the staff of this Institute since 1950. His Geochemical studies have resulted in about 50 Publications.
Trace Element in Soil and Plant. Fourth Printing in 1989. Published with CRC press, inc Boca Raton Florida.
This book was presented to student, lectures, researcher, and anyone who concern about trace element and its relationship with plant.

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