Friday, 19 February 2010

Autograph : hairmetal band in 80's

When in was in highschool in 1988, my friend suggest me to hear a rock band called Autograph, so i went to the music store and by their new album in that year with the title "Loud and Clear". Actually its very nice to hear, their music style not hard enough to hear and most of the songs was very good. The songs with the title " Everytime I dream" and "She never look that good for me" was very attractive, and its sound like rock ballad and pop metal respectively. But I dont remember about the band personil, just only Steve Lynch in the lead guitar, well,  in that year his   skill is excellent between those band's guitarist in their lifting. Till right now that album still good to hear for the fans of the  hairmetal band in 80's. For more information about the song or CD
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